Analytica 2022

Analytica 2022

Dear Visitor!

Thank you for visiting our web page and showing interest in our products. All of them will be exhibited at Analytica 2022, booth A2:411 and good news is, we can give you free one-day tickets.

All you have to do is fill the form below with your information as the tickets are peronalized.

In the last step please let us know where you found out for tickets. This information will help us in the future.

After sending your inquiry online voucher will be sent to you via e-mail on your adress. Please check your spam folder just in case.

If you dont recieve the voucher in next 24 hours, do not hesitate contacting us on

Have a nice day and we hope to see you at our booth in München between 21.06. and 24. 06. 2022.

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