Ohaus Adventurer® Precision

Ohaus Adventurer® Precision

Ohaus Adventurer® Precision

Proizvajalec: Ohaus
Dobavni rok: 1-2 tedna

Ready for your lab, wherever that may be
• Fast stabilization and reliable operation for accurate, repeatable results
• Wide viewing angle colour touchscreen and dual USB ports with GLP/GMP
tracking for better monitoring and reporting of data
• The two piece, top-mounted draftshield doors reduce the space needed in the
rear of the balance when open

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Adventurer® Precision Brošura

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 Weighing (17 units + custom unit), parts counting, percentage weighing,

check weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, totalization/statistics,

formulation, density determination, display hold


 4.3” (109 mm) full-colour VGA graphic touchscreen with user-controlled

brightness, 6 mechanical buttons


Mains operation


 RS232, USB host, USB device (included), GLP/GMP compliant data output

with real-time clock


 Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with two

piece top mounted side doors and sliding top door (1mg models only),

illuminated up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security

bracket, Adjustment lock, full housing in-use cover

Design Features

 Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, user-selectable span adjustment

points, software lockout and reset menu, user-selectable communication

settings and data print options, user-definable project and user IDs,

up to 9 operating languages

Modeli tehtnice

(e)PlatformTest WeightItem N°
AX223220g1mgØ 130 mm200g, F130127960
AX223M220g1mg0,01gØ 130 mm200g, F130100623
AX223/E220g1mgØ 130 mm200g, F130127961
AX423420g1mgØ 130 mm200g+200g, F130127962
AX423M420g1mg0,01gØ 130 mm200g+200g, F130100624
AX423/E420g1mgØ 130 mm200g+200g, F130127963
AX523520g1mgØ 130 mm500g, F130122614
AX523M520g1mg0,01gØ 130 mm500g, F130100625
AX523/E520g1mgØ 130 mm500g, F130122615
AX422420g0,01g175mm x 195mm200g+200g, F130206079
AX422/E420g0,01g175mm x 195mm200g+200g, F130206080
AX822820g0,01g175mm x 195mm500g+100g, F130206081
AX822/E820g0,01g175mm x 195mm500g+100g, F130206082
AX15021520g0,01g175mm x 195mm1000g+500g, F130127966
AX1502M1520g0,01g0,1g175mm x 195mm1000g+500g, F130100626
AX1502/E1520g0,01g175mm x 195mm1000g+500g, F130127967
AX22022200g0,01g175mm x 195mm2000g, F130127968
AX2202M2200g0,01g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g, F130100627
AX2202/E2200g0,01g175mm x 195mm2000g, F130127969
AX42024200g0,01g175mm x 195mm2000g+2000g, F130122616
AX4202M4200g0,01g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g+2000g, F130100628
AX4202/E4200g0,01g175mm x 195mm2000g+2000g, F130122617
AX52025200g0,01g175mm x 195mm5000g, F130122618
AX5202M5200g0,01g0,1g175mm x 195mm5000g, F130100629
AX22012200g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g, F130206083
AX2201/E2200g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g, F130206084
AX42014200g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g+2000g, F130127970
AX4201/E4200g0,1g175mm x 195mm2000g+2000g, F130127971
AX82018200g0,1g175mm x 195mm5000g+1000g, F130122619
AX8201M8200g0,1g1g175mm x 195mm5000g+1000g, F130122651
AX8201/E8200g0,1g175mm x 195mm5000g+1000g, F130122620

Dodatki in potrošni material

 AccessoriesItem N°
Density determination kit (for 1mg balances only)80253384
Sinker Glass for Density kit83034024
Auxiliary display, AD7-RS30472064
AX full housing in use cover for 1mg model30111792
AX full housing in use cover for 0.01g and
0.1g model
Anti theft device80850000
Interface Cable, USB (Type A to B)83021085
Cable, USB-RS232 Converter30268619
SF40A Full-Featured Impact Printer30064202