Ohaus Harvard Junior

Ohaus Harvard Junior

Proizvajalec: Ohaus
Dobavni rok: 1-2 tedna

Traditional style two-pan design at a great price

  • Easy grip carrying handle
  • Lock to protect the balance during transport or storage (can be stacked)
  • Included 8-piece weight set and bowl that ‑ts over the flat platform

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Harvard Junior Brošura

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Modeli tehtnice

PlatformItem N°
HJ20012000 g0.5 gØ 150 mm80252050

Dodatki in potrošni material

Accessories for mechanical balancesItem N°
Footed stainless steel scoop and counter weight, 0.6l capacity80780015
Footed stainless steel scoop, 0.6l capacity80250400
Footed polypropylene scoop and counter weight, 0.8l capacity80780001
Polypropylene scoop, 0.8l capacity80780006
Weight Set, Metric, 1119-D080780008
Rod and clamp assembly for under balance weighing80780011
Polypropylene scoop and counter weight, 0.8l capacity80780014
Polypropylene maxi scoop and counter weight 1.75 l capacity80780016
Vinyl dust cover for Triple Beam80780017
3 pieces counter weight set increases capacity to 2610g (2x1kg and 1x500g)80780108