Ohaus Triple Beam 700

Ohaus Triple Beam 700

Ohaus Triple Beam 700

Rugged enough to deliver accurate results year after year

  • Fixed or removable pan (710-00) to ‑t any application
  • Vernier dial convenience on Dial-O-Gram (1650-00)
  • Easy to read deep notched and tiered beams, counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing, self-aligning beam design
Proizvajalec: Ohaus
Dobavni rok: 1-2 tedna

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Triple Beam 700 Brošura

Uporabniški priročnik

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Modeli tehtnice

PlatformItem N°
710-00610 g*0.1 gØ 152 mm80000011
750-S0610 g*0.1 gØ 152 mm80000012
760-00610 g*0.1 gØ 152 mm80000013
* 2610 g capacity with optional 80780108 weight set

Dodatki in potrošni material

Accessories for mechanical balancesItem N°
Footed stainless steel scoop and counter weight, 0.6l capacity80780015
Footed stainless steel scoop, 0.6l capacity80250400
Footed polypropylene scoop and counter weight, 0.8l capacity80780001
Polypropylene scoop, 0.8l capacity80780006
Weight Set, Metric, 1119-D080780008
Rod and clamp assembly for under balance weighing80780011
Polypropylene scoop and counter weight, 0.8l capacity80780014
Polypropylene maxi scoop and counter weight 1.75 l capacity80780016
Vinyl dust cover for Triple Beam80780017
3 pieces counter weight set increases capacity to 2610g (2x1kg and 1x500g)80780108