Ohaus VFP Series Floor Scales

Ohaus VFP Series Floor Scales

Ohaus VFP Series Floor Scales

Proizvajalec: Ohaus
Dobavni rok: 1-2 tedna

High quality painted steel platform with structural bracing and multifunctional T51P indicator

  • Structural channel bracing for durability
  • Pit mounting possibility
  • IP68 stainless steel load cells

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VFP Series Floor Scales Brošura

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Weighing (6 units + custom unit), display hold, dynamic weighing, counting, check weighing, percentage weighing, auto-tare


LCD display with white LED backlight plus 3 colour checkweigh LED


Internal universal power supply, 6xC batteries or optional internal NiMH rechargeable battery


RS232 Interface with GMP, Time-Date, optional RS422/485, AC/DC Relay, 2nd RS232


ABS Indicator, black painted steel platform, IP67 stainless steel junction box with top access, IP68 OIML R60 electro-polished stainless steel load cells

Design Features

Structural channel bracing and pendulum design feet with removable rubber cap

Modeli tehtnice

(e)Platform (mm)Item N°
VFP-CS30051P300 kg50 g800 x 800 x 9022018704
VFP-CS30051PM300 kg100 g800 x 800 x 9022018730
VFP-CS60051P600 kg100 g800 x 800 x 9022018705
VFP-CS60051PM600 kg200 g800 x 800 x 9022018731
VFP-DS30051P300 kg50 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018706
VFP-DS30051PM300 kg100 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018732
VFP-DS60051P600 kg100 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018707
VFP-DS60051PM600 kg200 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018733
VFP-DS150051P1500 kg200 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018708
VFP-DS150051PM1500 kg500 g1000 x 1000 x 9022018734
VFP-E60051P600 kg100 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018709
VFP-E60051PM600 kg200 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018735
VFP-E150051PP1500 kg200 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018710
VFP-E150051PM1500 kg500 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018736
VFP-E300051P3000 kg500 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018711
VFP-E300051PM3000 kg1000 g1500 x 1250 x 9022018737
VFP-ES60051P600 kg100 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018712
VFP-ES60051PM600 kg200 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018738
VFP-ES150051P1500 kg200 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018713
VFP-ES150051PM1500 kg500 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018739
VFP-ES300051P3000 kg500 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018714
VFP-ES300051PM3000 kg1000 g1500 x 1500 x 9022018740
VFP-G150051P1500 kg200 g2000 x 1500 x 9022018715
VFP-G150051PM1500 kg500 g2000 x 1500 x 9022018741
VFP-G300051P3000 kg500 g2000 x 1500 x 9022018716
VFP-G300051PM3000 kg1000 g2000 x 1500 x 9022018742

Dodatki in potrošni material

AccessoriesItem N°
Pit frame painted for VFP-CS22015392
Pit frame painted for VFP-DS22015393
Pit frame painted for VFP-E22015394
Pit frame painted for VFP-ES22015396
Pit frame painted for VFP-G22015397
Ramp 800 mm VFP painted steel22015464
Ramp 1000 mm VFP painted steel22015465
Ramp 1250mm VFP painted steel22015466
Ramp 1500 mm VFP painted steel22015467
Set of footplates painted steel VFP22015499