Products for transformers oil


Fully automated gas extraction unit based on Multi-cycle Mercury free Vacuum extraction method coupled by a pump and tube with Agilent GC system, according to international standards IEC 60567 and ASTM D-361.
Mercury free Toepler principle gives more extracted gases, because extraction is made in high vacuum. Transfer of gas from the pump to the GC is with very little dead volume witch could be measured and use for corrections. If the content of gas is too low to inject to GC, it could be automatically diluted with air or argon.






Apparatus for oxidation of  insulating liquids has been build according to IEC 61125 (old IEC 1125) standard and normative which ensures reliability of measurement.

  • Modular design (6, 12, 18 or more positions)
  • Low weight of single module (approx. 36kg)
  • Data plotting, logging and report generator
  • PC based user-friendly interface
  • Quick heat-up time (less than 2 h)

We have designed apparatus which suits your needs. A clean minimalistic design enables simplicity of use, with least possible different parts and  looks great!